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Bowman Pledges to Reallocate Funding for New, Heated Bus Shelters

October 1, 2018 2:17 PM | News

Brian Bowman

Mayor Brian Bowman speaks during a campaign announcement on Monday, October 1, 2018. (@MAYOR_BOWMAN / TWITTER)

WINNIPEG — Mayor Brian Bowman on Monday pledged to reallocate funding to install 55 new, heated bus shelters for commuters.

The $4.1 million would come from currently allocated funds in the city’s 2019 capital budget to refurbish and upgrade bus garages.

“I think it’s important we find ways to keep more transit passengers warm and dry while waiting for their bus rather than keeping our buses warm and dry while parked overnight,” said Bowman.

“By delaying refurbishments and upgrades to bus garages by one year, and reallocating this funding to bus shelters for passengers we can significantly improve the experience for passengers.”


Bowman said such a project would allow the city to leverage additional funding from the provincial and federal governments under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program.

Bowman would also implement a bus stop accessibility program to update bus stops to better meet accessibility standards, already part of the city’s 2018 capital budget. Next year, the program proposes to invest $500,000 each year over four years to meet accessibility standards.

Bowman would also introduce a low-income bus pass for certain residents who qualify for a reduced bus fare.

In an earlier announcement on Monday, Bowman also vowed to continue the flow of $100,350 in annual grant funding to Age and Opportunity: Support Services for Older Adults. The incumbent also said he would continue $20,000 in funding this winter to support Take Pride Winnipeg’s Snow Angels program, meant to help seniors, low-income residents and those living with a permanent disability with snow-clearing efforts.