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Section of Garbage Hill Closed for Waste Cover-Up

October 19, 2018 3:36 PM | News

Garbage Hill

Someone placed a homemade sign on Garbage Hill in September 2018, which garnered city-wide attention on social media and beyond. The sign was promptly removed by city workers the same day. A portion of the hill is being closed for repairs over the next week to cover up existing garbage underneath its surface. (IVY INFORTUNO / TWITTER)

WINNIPEG — A small area of Westview Park, better known as Garbage Hill, is being closed next week because of waste exposure.

The city says the steep hill on the south side of the park is frequently used by people for exercising and has worn down over time, exposing some previous garbage.

The former landfill served Winnipeg from 1875 to 1948 and accepted mainly ash and glass materials from the City of Winnipeg’s old garbage incinerator building.

The city will close the portion of the park beginning Monday, October 22 so repairs can be made. Plans include covering the hill with leaf and yard waste compost, and planting native grass and wildflower seeds.

The process is expected to take about a year before growth is fully established. Barriers will be placed around the area during this time.