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Home with a Heart: Meet the Family Behind Winnipeg’s HSC Lottery Home

November 7, 2018 8:00 AM | Columns

The following is a paid advertorial on behalf of the HSC Millionaire Lottery.

Sharayah and Curtis Moffat

Sharayah and Curtis Moffat are the builders behind the beautiful grand prize River Heights home in the 2018 HSC Millionaire Lottery.

Last year, the HSC Millionaire Lottery was tremendously proud to feature a prize home in Winnipeg’s North River Heights neighbourhood.

And this year, the lottery has returned to one of the province’s most exclusive neighbourhoods! HSC’s largest Grand Prize package stars a ‘European Farmhouse’ style home by Alair and builders Curtis and Sharayah Moffat — who the hospital foundation partnered with for last year’s River Heights gem, as well.

The home “was built to reflect the romance and charm of one of Winnipeg’s most sought-after neighbourhoods,” says Sharayah. “Drawing inspiration from the ‘Roaring 20s’ with Gatsby-inspired millwork and dazzling crystal and gold accents, we wanted to pay tribute to an era that embodied the beginning of modern North America.”

The style and attention to detail and design is evident in every room — from the painted-blue kitchen to the industrial fixtures and gorgeous ensuite bathroom, to even the travel-themed kids’ room.

“In 1757 Grosvenor (Avenue, the home’s location), we have included these iconic rooms, such as a butler’s pantry and den,” Sharayah says.

“North River Heights, while practical in location and amenities, has a draw both to its vibe and culture… The people are so friendly and kind, so I can see why people are drawn to the area.”

Together with an $80,000 Lower Level Development package (also from Alair), an $50,000 Ross Creek Backyard Landscaping package, $42,500 in Furnishings from EQ3, a $10,000 Great Canadian Travel prize, two BMWS – and X2 xDrive and a 530e xDrive Sedan – and $230,000 tax-free cash, this Alair Home comes in a $1.43 million Grand Prize.

It’s one of 6 Grand Prize choices for this year’s biggest winner in the HSC Millionaire Lottery – along with $1.1 million tax-free cash.

HSC Millionaire Lottery - River Heights

Sharayah says the schools, parks, and programs in the neighbourhood are welcoming features that speak to River Heights’s charm and appeal.

It’s also one of the best places in Winnipeg – in all of Manitoba – to start and raise a family.

“At Alair Homes, we look to respect the neighbourhood that we build or renovate,” she says. “While creating our client’s home, we ensure that the construction process is as smooth and seamless not only for our homeowners, but the neighbours and the community we may impact.”

All three of Curtis and Sharayah’s sons were born at HSC’s Women’s Hospital, and they have friends who have relied on the hospital’s life-saving care and services.

“Curtis and I are very thankful to the HSC Foundation and the Millionaire Lottery for allowing us to use our skills and craft to give back to the Hospital,” she says. “The Health Sciences Centre has had an impact on both our family personally, as well as many of our close friends.

“The research and development of medicine and technology that the Foundation had invested in has already had a personal impact on us, and we are very honoured and proud that we have been able to be a part of that.”

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You can order your HSC Millionaire Lottery tickets online at hscmillionaire.com … and you can see the Virtual Tour and Photo Gallery for this year’s River Heights Grand Prize home at 2757 Grosvenor Avenue, Winnipeg.

HSC Millionaire Lottery - River Heights