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Four Charged in Separate Winnipeg Cocaine, Weapons Busts

November 16, 2018 2:36 PM | News

Winnipeg Police CrestFour people were arrested after Winnipeg police executed two separate search warrants on city residences as part of drug trafficking investations.

Police searched a home in the 800 block of Alverstone Street in the Daniel McIntyre neighbourhood on Thursday, where they located cocaine valued at $1,600.

Officers also found $2,400 in cash, a loaded, sawed-off .22 calibre rifle with additional ammunition, a canister of bear spray, and white powder believed to be a cutting agent.

Bryce Alexander Keating of Winnipeg, 20, was arrested and charged with several offences. A 22-year-old woman is also facing drugs and weapons charges.


In another incident, police search a St. James home in the 100 block of Strauss Drive, where they found five ounces of cocaine valued at $10,000. Officers also seized $2,670 in cash, a loaded sawed-off 12 gauge tactical shotgun, loaded .32 calibre handgun, ammunition for both firearms, scales, vacuum sealer, and packaging material.

Mitchell James Bradley Byle of Winnipeg, 29, faces numerous charges, including drugs and weapons offences. A 32-year-old Winnipeg woman was also arrested and is facing similar charges.