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Winnipeg Comedy Festival Undergoing Changes for 2019

November 29, 2018 7:05 AM | Entertainment

Winnipeg Comedy Festival

The Winnipeg Comedy Festival is undergoing changes for 2019, beginning with when comedy lovers can catch their favourite comedians on stage.

The 18th annual festival is happening later than usual, taking place April 28 to May 4 at venues across the city, including at Club Regent Event Centre — the new venue for the festival’s galas May 2-4.

Co-founding artistic director Lara Rae is stepping down following next year’s festival, marking more than 17 years at the helm.

“Seventeen years ago the idea of me saying ‘17 years ago’ in relation to the duration of this now landmark event would have seemed almost comical,” said Rae.


“Comedy has been and will continue to be an important part of my life but I am keen to teach, to write, and to work more with the trans community as we face daily threats to our survival. These last 17 years could only have happened because of the team we have assembled and they will make continue to make it great.”

Winnipeg Comedy Festival tickets go on sale Monday, December 3 at the early bird price of $30. Tickets are available through Ticktmaster, Gas Station Arts Centre or through the festival directly online.