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Salisbury House Eliminates Single-Use Plastic from New Downtown Location

December 10, 2018 7:38 AM | News


Salisbury House

Winnipeg’s newest Salisbury House is opening Monday with a mandate to eliminate all single-use plastic products in its restaurant.

The downtown Winnipeg location at 177 Lombard Avenue is leading the charge among the chain by replacing single-use plastic with biodegradable options.

“The management and ownership of Salisbury House are committed to becoming a community leader in restaurant environmental practices and in the protection of our water resources,” said Noel Bernier, CEO Salisbury House.


“As an Indigenous-owned company, having a respectful relationship for Mother Earth and preserving both our water resources and the Sals experience for future generations is a core value.”

Salisbury House eliminated plastic straws at their restaurants last April and plans on rolling out all of its green initiatives to their other locations in 2019.

Tracy Hucul, executive director of Green Action Centre, says about three million tonnes of plastic is sent to Canadian landfills each year. She hopes Sals’ initiative will inspire other restaurants and businesses to move in a similar direction.

The Lombard Avenue location is the chain’s ninth restaurant in Winnipeg.