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Snow Foils Robbery Suspects in Southern Manitoba

December 29, 2018 9:25 AM | News

RCMP Crest Logo VehicleFresh snow helped RCMP catch three suspects accused of robbery of a store in Tourond, Manitoba last week.

Police say the suspects entered the store on the afternoon of December 23 on Highway 59 and took items off the shelves without paying.

The store owners confronted the trio outside, but were threatened with an extendable baton.

As they tried to pull away, their stolen vehicle got stuck in the snow. RCMP arrived and took two women into custody. The man was found a short time later when officers tracked his footprints in the fresh snow.

Christopher Murdock, 25, Shauna Owen, 29, and Amber Roberts, 33, have been charged. All three suspects are from Winnipeg and remain in custody.