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Mandela Exhibit at Human Rights Museum Extended

January 3, 2019 11:37 AM | Entertainment

Nelson Mandela


WINNIPEG — The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is extending the run of its popular Nelson Mandela exhibition until the fall.

Mandela: Struggle for Freedom was to end on January 6, but will now continue until October 14, 2019 due to an overwhelmingly positive response from visitors.

The CMHR is closing its doors on January 6 for annual maintenance, but will reopen on January 15 with a special admission rate of $10 per person for the rest of the month, including the Mandela exhibition (regular adult rate is $21). Children aged 6 and under are free.

When the museum reopens, a new guided family tour, self-guided school program and special events will also be launched to enhance the experience beginning in February. The exhibition about Nelson Mandela and the struggle against racial segregation and repression in South Africa opened June 8.