Elderly Couple Fights Off Attackers Trying to Steal Woman’s Purse

Winnipeg Police Crest

WINNIPEG — An elderly woman and her husband were able to thwart a purse-snatching in the 1200 block of St. Mary’s Road on Friday.

Winnipeg police say the couple was walking to their vehicle at around 9:40 a.m. when two female suspects attempted to steal the woman’s purse.

Her husband intervened and a struggled ensued before the suspects eventually took off without the purse.

Police caught up to the pair on a bus a short time later and arrested them in the area of St. Mary’s Road and Elm Park Road.

Officers believe the suspects hatched a plan to steal the purse in order to purchase illicit drugs.

Jayda Faith Koostachin, 18, and a 13-year-old girl — both from Winnipeg — have been charged with robbery and assault. They remain in custody.


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