Disability Rights Advocates Making Special Valentine’s Delivery to Manitoba Legislature

February 14, 2019 10:14 AM | News

Cinnamon Hearts - Valentine's Day

WINNIPEG — Premier Brian Pallister and other Manitoba politicians are receiving special Valentine’s Day gifts from disability rights advocates today.

Jars filled with more than 770 cinnamon candy hearts are being distributed at the Manitoba legislature with a strong message attached: people with disabilities receive the most intimate, personal supports from more than 770 support workers over the course of their lifetimes.

“This Valentine’s Day, we’re asking the premier and our government to show us a sign that adults with intellectual disabilities deserve better,” said Margo Powell, executive director of Abilities Manitoba.


Powell says constant turnover and low salaries are the top two reasons it’s hard to hire, train, and retain qualified support workers.

“The quality of life and well-being of thousands of Manitobans with intellectual disabilities depends on consistency and quality of supports. That’s why we’re bringing attention to the issues of low wages and high turnover.”

Abilities Manitoba represents 76 agencies across Manitoba, with 39 agencies in Winnipeg.

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