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VIDEO: Snowy Art Taking Shape at Festival du Voyageur

February 16, 2019 9:05 AM | Entertainment

With nearly 30 centimetres of snow to fall on Winnipeg in February, there is definitely not a shortage of canvas for international snow sculptors to work with at Festival du Voyageur.

The International Snow Sculpting Symposium has attracted some of the best sculptors from across the globe to compete in the annual contest.

Each team is tasked with carving a block of snow measuring 3m x 3.7m x 3.7m (10’ x 12’ x 12’), inspired by their own imagination or their experience at Festival du Voyageur, which is celebrating 50 years.


Artists were busy at work earlier this week during a media preview at Voyageur Park. Some last-minute touches were being worked on as Festival officially got underway Friday night.

The sculptures are head-turners for visitors to the park and will last until Mother Nature says otherwise. Several other sculptures are also located at various locations throughout the city. You can catch all of the snowy creations until February 24. For ticket information and a complete schedule, visit HeHo.ca or download the Festival du Voyageur app for iOS and Android.