Officer Won’t Face Charges After Suspect Collides with Police Cruiser

March 7, 2019 1:41 PM | News

Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba - IIUThe Independent Investigation Unit says a Winnipeg police officer won’t be facing charges after a suspect was hit by a cruiser car as police pursued him.

The pedestrian crash happened October 24, 2018 as police were trying to catch up to a wanted man in the area of Burrows Avenue and Salter Street.

The IIU says one officer tried to catch the man on foot, while another officer was driving the cruiser. As the suspect continued to run, he collided with their vehicle and was taken to hospital with a fractured pelvis.

The investigation determined the female officer was driving at low speeds and the suspect was more focused on evading the officer on foot when he ran into the vehicle.

The man faces outstanding charges before the courts related to the incident.