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Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery Launches with 7 Grand Prize Choices

May 1, 2019 11:00 AM | News

Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery Home

One of the grand prize homes in Bridgwater Trails in the 2019 Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery. (TRIHOSPITALDREAM.COM)

What’s better than supporting one hospital foundation? How about three of them?

The 2019 Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery launched Wednesday with millions of dollars in prizes to be won, benefiting the St. Boniface Hospital, Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg, and Children’s Hospital–HSC Winnipeg foundations.

“By all three foundations working together, we are helping provide an opportunity for the community to impact all three hospitals at one time,” said the foundation CEOs – Vince Barletta (St. Boniface), Jonathon Lyon (HSC), and Stefano Grande (Children’s Hospital) in a joint statement.

“Not only will you be purchasing a ticket to change your life potentially, but you are also guaranteed the satisfaction of making a difference in the life of many Manitobans.”

Black Sturgeon Lake Cottage

The cottage on Black Sturgeon Lake in Kenora’s Lake of the Woods. (TRIHOSPITALDREAM.COM)

This year’s Dream Lottery features more than 3,300 prizes, including two bonus draws for early buyers and a $225,000 early bird draw, as well as a grand prize draw with seven packages to choose from.

Grand prizes include:

A cottage on Lake of the Woods in Kenora, homes in South West Tuxedo, Bridgwater Trails, Prairie Point, Sage Creek and a SookePoint Ocean Cottage on B.C.’s Vancouver Island. All the grand prizes come with extras like cars, furniture, and cash — up to $550,000. This year’s biggest grand prize is worth $1.5 million, or the winner can opt to take $1.2 million in cash.

The three hospitals serve a combined one million patients annually and help deliver more than 11,000 babies each year.

To see a full list of prizes and to purchase tickets, visit trihospitaldream.com.

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