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Empress Street Takes Crown as Manitoba’s ‘Worst Road’

May 8, 2019 10:23 AM | News


WINNIPEG — For the second year in a row, Empress Street has been named Manitoba’s “worst road.”

The annual CAA Worst Roads campaign found the St. James area street to be the most problematic, according to motorists.

“Even with construction taking place on Empress Street at this moment, voters identified it as the worst road once again,” says Tim Scott, president of CAA Manitoba.

“Empress is a major arterial road that many Winnipeggers rely on to get where they are going. Properly maintained roads lead to safer travels and a healthy economy, but the public understands that further delay leads to a direct financial impact on them.”


CAA says more than 2,700 voters were cast for over 400 roads during the campaign, which ran earlier this spring. Among the top concerns for drivers were potholes and crumbling infrastructure, followed by traffic congestion. Cyclists also noted potholes as their biggest gripe, as well as poor cycling infrastructure, while pedestrians cited inadequate walking infrastructure as their biggest problem.

“We know that CAA’s ongoing advocacy efforts are working and that governments are listening,” added Scott. “CAA will continue to bring the voice of Worst Roads voters to government and work with stakeholders on how to create infrastructure and transportation that we can all be proud of.”

Worst Roads 2019 Rankings

Rank Road Location
1 Empress St. Winnipeg
2 Provincial Trunk Hwy. 34 Austin
3 Saskatchewan Ave. Winnipeg
4 Sherwin Rd. Winnipeg
5 Archibald St. Winnipeg
6 St. James St. Winnipeg
7 Provincial Trunk Hwy. 23 Southern Manitoba
8 Higgins Ave. Winnipeg
9 Jubilee Ave. Winnipeg
10 Provincial Trunk Hwy. 32 Winkler