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Man Terrorizes Staff at Winnipeg Coffee Shop, Throws Hot Tea at Employee

May 16, 2019 2:33 PM | News

Winnipeg Police Logo CrestWINNIPEG — A series of violent incidents involving hot coffee, tea, cigarettes and a lighter have a 20-year-old man in police custody facing numerous charges.

Winnipeg police say it all began Tuesday morning when a man was walking in the area of Notre Dame Avenue and Winnipeg Avenue West. He was approached by an unknown man, who knocked the victim’s coffee over his face and torso.

The suspect then fled to a nearby restaurant, where he jumped over the counter and demanded to use a phone. He grabbed a female employee, who gave him a phone that the man later stole. He then grabbed a carafe of hot tea and threw it towards a customer, but hit the wall. Staff fled through the drive-thru window.

Police say the same man then stole a pack of cigarettes from a gas station in the Weston/Brooklands area before smoking inside the business and vandalizing merchandise. He then threw merchandise and lit cigarettes at a female employee. He then went outside and lit a lighter up to a gas nozzle before returning to the store and stealing a drink.

His night wasn’t over when he then threatened to kill a male employee at a nearby convenience store and demanded the use of a phone. He stole a pack of cigarettes and began smoking inside until police arrived.

Officers had to use force to safely take the man into custody. He was agitated and treated in hospital, which police say may have been a result of recent drug use.

Drew Matthew Towns of St. Jean Baptiste faces a slew of charges and remains in custody.