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Beer and Botany: The Science Behind the Brew

May 19, 2019 8:11 AM | Entertainment

Beer and Botany

Beer is a lot more complex than simply its taste, so an upcoming event at the Manitoba Museum will dive deeper into the science behind the tasty suds.

Beer and Botany: A Feature Tasting Event will include a special presentation on May 22 about the links between beer and botany.

“Brewing and botany have long gone hand in hand,” says Paul Sokoloff, botanist from the Canadian Museum of Nature.

“You may have gone to a tasting before, but this one offers some fun facts and science that will enhance your appreciation of beer and our relationship with nature and plants!”


The NatureIDEAS Beer and Botony presentation will also be led by Mark Borowski, brewmaster at Nonsuch Brewing Co. Complimentary appetizers are provided by Urban Prairie Cuisine.

Sokoloff will share stories from botanical adventures across Canada, highlight the importance of museums in studying biodiversity, and offer insights into the natural history of the plants behind your favourite beers.

Tickets to the NatureIDEAS event can be purchased online through the Manitoba Museum website.