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My Winnipeg Goldeyes Memories

June 5, 2019 7:04 AM | Sports

Contributed by the Winnipeg Goldeyes for ChrisD.ca

Winnipeg Goldeyes LogoThroughout the season the Winnipeg Goldeyes asked their fans to tell us about something special.

A moment in their life that took place at Shaw Park or involved the Goldeyes that they think of often and that makes them smile. After reading through the overwhelming amount of submissions, a couple were chosen to be featured this season. We chose stories that resonate with us and that highlight the things we also love the most about baseball and our team.

We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we do.

‘My Goldeyes Memory’
By Glenda Edie

My Grandpa, Glen Edie, was an avid Goldeyes fan and season ticket holder for many years. His love of the game was shared with his family and continues to be enjoyed since he passed away. Every few days my sister and mom are sending me photos of my little niece sitting in those same seats; right behind home plate, playing in the playground or her visiting with Goldie and Goldette.

I have so many memories at the ballpark; the countless 7th inning stretches followed by ice cream regardless of if we caught it or if Grandpa was sending us to buy it, fuzzy peaches and mini-donuts. “DU- VA – DU- VA”, “no foolin’ with Poulin”, running the bases, annoying our Grandparents to all ends with our cheering. However; of all these memories two of the best moments are my Grandpa’s 80th birthday, and the last game we watched together in the ballpark.

I cannot count the number of games I watched with my Grandpa and Grandma. If there was a home game and I could go, there I was sitting with them and my cousin. Yelling who knows what cheesy, bad baseball joke at the batter or the pitcher. We had a few favourites, but Grandma always laughed when we yelled: “My Grandma’s got a better swing in her backyard.”


As I got older and moved away to attend school I got to go to fewer games with them. One summer I was back for a few weeks and my family had a big surprise planned for Grandpa. My Cousin and I called up Grandpa and asked if we could take him to the game this weekend knowing he would say yes, no questions asked! He told us he would make sure he grabbed the tickets but we told him not to worry we were taking him and would grab them. Over the years my Grandparents movement had declined and they could no longer go up and down all the stairs; because of this they got ushered through the lower level. Night after night we would wave to the players in the tunnel saying great game! As a young kid, I thought that this was just the bee’s knees! Going in and out underneath was perfect for our surprise! You see, we had no intention of sitting in our normal seats right behind home plate. We entered the lower level of the ballpark, Grandpa tried to walk our normal way but we stopped him and pressed the button on the elevator. He tried to tell us they couldn’t go that way that there were too many stairs (it hadn’t been that long since we had been to a game, of course, we remembered there were stairs) we just nicely told him that we had different seats today. He seemed a little annoyed but went along with it anyway. We ushered him upstairs to a box where the rest of our family and friends we waiting to celebrate his 80th birthday. Once we got up to the box Grandpa admitted he wasn’t all that happy when we first told him we had different seats but he quickly changed his mind when we walked him into that box. The night was filled with family, friends and laughter. I believe the Goldeye’s cinched that night as well. We did the 7th inning stretch had cake, gifts and celebrated one of the most amazing people I have ever known.

My second memory is the last game we watched together on August 2, 2015. At this time my Grandpa was in a wheelchair and hadn’t been doing very well. I believe this was the first and only game he was able to attend that season. We traded in some season tickets and got tickets up where we could all sit together down the third baseline. The smile on his face being at the ballpark and with his family is still one of the best memories I have of him. By the end of the game he was exhausted and sore but never complained and always had a smile on his face. I know many Winnipeggers have fond memories of the ballpark however, the best thing about my memories at the park are that they were shared with my Grandpa. I love you Grandpa and miss you every day.

Thank you for letting me share my memories,

Glenda Edie