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Mobile Parking Payments Expand to More Winnipeg Lots

June 19, 2019 9:12 AM | News



An app that allows motorists to pay for parking on their smartphones has expanded its reach to more Winnipeg parking lots.

PayByPhone is now available in multiple off-street lots through a partnership with Forks North Portage Corporation, the company that operates The Forks. The technology is also available at Portage Place Shopping Centre and Winnipeg Square.

“We have such a strong user base in Winnipeg and really strive to offer them the best experiences possible,” said Roamy Valera, CEO of North America at PayByPhone.

“Working with FNP, PayByPhone is doing just that. We are expanding our footprint to some of the most visited destinations in Winnipeg, making paying for parking much more seamless.”

PayByPhone has been available through the Winnipeg Parking Authority since 2007 and has seen significant adoption increases from 2016 at seven percent to 42 percent as of January 2019. The app is a free download through the App Store and Google Play.