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Your Winnipeg Goldeyes Memories: ‘He Doused Us with Champagne’

July 13, 2019 9:15 AM | Sports

Winnipeg Goldeyes Memories

Contributed by the Winnipeg Goldeyes for ChrisD.ca

2017 was our ninth season hosting Goldeyes players.

Unfortunately, in 2012 and 2016 our players didn’t last the entire season so we had not had a chance to share in a championship season with a player… that was until 2017.
Jordan Ebert came to us that year and he not only was a part of the 2017 championship team, he gave us one of our best moments as a host family.

I had joked with him that if they were to win it all, maybe he could save me some champagne after the celebration. As they beat Wichita in Game 5 and began to celebrate on the field… who do we see making his way over to our seats but Ebert.

He doused us with champagne and gave hugs to all. It was awesome. It was an amazing moment in an incredible season and a memory we will never forget.

— Craig Kuhlman

— — —

For eight years I was actively involved with the Goldeyes as I had a concession at the park.

My parents loved coming to games and when I had season tickets in section L, and it was the start of an amazing relationship between my mom and dad and those around them.

The Field Of Dreams Foundation was special to my parents as it stood for giving back to the community. So when mom and dad both passed suddenly in 2016 I wanted to find some small way to carry on their love for the team.

We have them ensigned into the stone walk outside the ballpark. They are now forever part of the team.

My sister just passed and she too will be joining the signed stones outside the park. They all loved the events at the ball game and I am very sure that they are all looking down on the team each and every night.

— Grant Tymchuk