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Gold Rush is On: Winnipeggers Can Hunt for Treasure in ‘GoldHunt’

July 21, 2019 8:15 AM | News


GoldHunt begins in Winnipeg on August 31, offering up the chance to uncover gold and silver coins worth $100,000. (GOLDHUNT / FACEBOOK)

The largest treasure hunt of its kind in Canada is coming to Winnipeg this summer with the chance to hunt for $100,000 in gold and silver coins.

GoldHunt is a thrilling adventure that has already made its mark on Edmonton, Vancouver and Calgary.

How does it work exactly?

Treasure-seekers can purchase a map online to begin the hunt for hidden loot. The map will unlock on August 31, allowing those to begin the hunt individually or as a team. Nothing is buried and no shovels are needed to retrieve the treasure, which is located on public property.


“We are excited to expand our epic adventure,” says Chris Cromwell, spokesperson for GoldHunt.

“This is the perfect summer activity. Grab a friend, a family member, a coworker or set up a team and get hunting! Just make sure you are respectful while you hunt.”

A $49 map contains all the riddles and clues involving cultural icons to lead hunters to the $100,000 of gold and silver. The second option is a $69 Treasure Map+, which gives them the chance to secure some extra loot also hidden, like watches, smartphones, tablets, laptops and even a vehicle.

To find out how to participate and to purchase a treasure map, visit GoldHunt.com.

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