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Exchange BIZ Bringing Back Concert Movies at the Cube

July 24, 2019 10:56 AM | Entertainment

Exchange District Cube

Audience members take in the sounds at last year’s Concert Movies at the Cube. (MIKE PETERS PHOTO)

What became the talk of the summer in the Exchange District last year is making a comeback for 2019 with Concert Movies at the Cube.

Pairing classic concert films on the big screen with contemporary local musicians will have movie buffs and music lovers singing a sweet tune.

“Just like we’ve done with Alleyways in the Exchange, we wanted to take a good idea, give it an Exchange District twist, and make it something unique and really great,” says Exchange District BIZ executive director David Pensato.

“So we took the idea of screening a movie outdoors and we’re turning it into a concert experience. We’re taking Bijou Park and turning it into an outdoor venue. We’re taking the Cube, and literally looking at it from a different angle.”

Roman Clarke and Prince’s Sign O The Times will lead things off on August 2, with DJs Hunnicutt and Co-op spinning in between.

Admission is free and screenings are open to all ages. The party runs from 7:30 p.m. to midnight (with an after-party at Cordova).