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Provincial NDP Leader Says Pallister’s Cuts Have ‘Hurt Students’

August 29, 2019 2:06 PM | News

Wab Kinew

Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew promises to reinstate educational assistants if elected as Manitoba Premier. (CP Files/David Lipnowski)

The leader of the Manitoba NDP wants to turn back time.

Wab Kinew would restore limits on classroom sizes from kindergarten to grade three and reinstate Educational Assistants that he said PC leader Brian Pallister cut. He would start a recruitment fund for more French-language teachers.

“At a time when education has never been more important, Brian Pallister has actually given K-3 students less one-on-one time with teachers,” said Kinew. “His cuts have already hurt students, and we know there is more to come. While health care was his main target for cuts in his first term, education is next — unless we stop him.”

According to Kinew, it will cost $1 million to hire more Educational Assistants, and he would reinstate the Smaller Classes Initiative, increasing the SCI by $2 million each year. Smaller K-3 classrooms ensure students receive a proper education in math, sciences and reading.

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