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Homeowner Hit with Bear Spray After Chasing Burglar

September 3, 2019 4:17 PM | News

Winnipeg Police Logo CrestA Winnipeg homeowner who chased a burglar out of his garage was hit with bear spray for their efforts.

Winnipeg police say a suspect entered a parked vehicle on Almondel Key in Richmond West early Monday morning. He stole various items, including a garage door opener, which was used to access a garage nearby. When the homeowner heard the noise, he confronted the suspect and began chasing him.

Officers responded to a report of two men fighting in the 3000 block of Pembina Highway at around 1:40 a.m., where the homeowner had since been sprayed with bear spray.

Trent James Clifford Fraser, 19, faces numerous charges and remains in custody. He was also taken to hospital for treatment due to his level of intoxication

Police say the suspect was also in possession of a bottle of medication belonging to the victim.