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Twitter Debuts Custom #GoJetsGo Emoji, Shares Insights into Team’s Account

September 30, 2019 12:13 PM | Sports


As they call it online, “Jets Twitter” is kind of a big deal.

It’s the first place to hear which players recently re-signed (hat tip to Patrik Laine and Kyle Connor), and also where mosts fans share their joy (and anger) surrounding all-things Jets year-round.

As the regular NHL season gets underway this week, Twitter has rolled out a custom #GoJetsGo hashtag emoji as hockey talk takes off for the 2019-20 NHL Season.

“The Jets conversation continues to be on the uptick year-over-year and in general, Canadian teams and players of Canadian teams over-index in their share of the NHL conversation on Twitter,” says Cam Gordon, head of communications, Twitter Canada.

“Even in a year where our squads didn’t fare so well in the playoffs, we still see a consistency of vibrancy and depth to the NHL conversation on Twitter within Canada. This is true during the regular season, the playoffs and during key offseason events such as the Entry Draft and the kick-off of free-agent season on July 1st.”

According to data provided by Twitter Canada, mentions of the @NHLJets account grew by 8 percent in the 2018-19 regular season.

“Sports leagues truly have become content engines 12 months a year and we believe social media has played a huge role in the leagues’ ability to extend their reach during the offseason, training camp and in between games,” Gordon added.

“The Jets are a prime example of a team that has harnessed the connectivity of Twitter, especially in terms of video. Their account regular shares press conferences, player interviews and pre-game reports, which adds a robust video layer to the fan conversation and the content from the Jets players themselves.”

The most-mentioned Jets player accounts on Twitter last season were Patrik Laine (@PatrikLaine29), Mark Scheifele (@markscheifele55) and Blake Wheeler (@BiggieFunke). During the 2019-20 pre-season, Blake Wheeler (@BiggieFunke), Patrik Laine (@PatrikLaine29), and Nikolaj Ehlers (@NikolajEhlers24) led the pack online.