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Altona Police Receive $11K to Purchase New Equipment

October 20, 2019 8:15 AM | News

Police Crime SceneThe Altona Police Service has received $11,000 from the province to purchase new specialized equipment.

The funding comes from Manitoba’s Criminal Property Forfeiture Fund and will go towards purchasing mounted lights for officer’s firearms, and will also replace several older shotguns to ensure reliability when situations warrant their use.

“Police equipment is extremely expensive, so without the help of these funds the burden to pay would land firmly on our ratepayers,” said Chief Perry Batchelor, Altona Police Service.

“Thanks to these funds, our officers will be much safer entering into low-light or no-light situations.”

A regional crisis negotiation unit is also being jointly developed by the Winkler, Morden and Altona police services at a cost of nearly $30,000.

The province also announced the Winkler Police Service is receiving nearly $3,200 to purchase two rechargeable lighting systems that can be used at crime scenes or collisions.

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