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Winnipeg Man Says Video Captured Police Dog Making Mess on His Property

October 22, 2019 7:02 AM | The Canadian Press

By The Canadian Press

Winnipeg Police Logo CrestWINNIPEG — A Winnipeg man whose security video caught a police dog doing its business on his back driveway says officers should have made a better effort to clean it up.

Randy Evanchow found the mess early Sunday morning, and he says his wife initially blamed him for not cleaning up after the couple’s two small dogs.

But he says it was too big to have come from his own animals, so he checked the video and says it came from a police dog.

The Winnipeg Police Service says in an email that its officers were in the area responding to a report of a home invasion and were busy searching for a suspect.

Const. Jay Murray wrote that when it’s feasible, K9 handlers pick up after their dogs, but says in this case officers were responding to a high-priority incident.

Evanchow understands police are busy but says they could have come back to clean it up, or left a card saying they would return.

“If I’m walking down the street and I let my dog crap and I don’t pick it up, I’m guilty,” said Evanchow.


In the video, two people wearing what appears to be police tactical gear spend around one minute with their dog in Evanchow’s back driveway at around 12:20 a.m. Sunday before continuing down the back lane.

Evanchow said it’s clear from the video, the poop came from the police dog.

Murray wrote that a male wearing a ski mask had broken into a house, confronted a homeowner and fled out a window. Numerous units, including the K9 unit, attended and tracked a suspect from the scene, he said.

At the time he wrote the email, no arrests had been made.

Police said Evanchow’s camera may have captured video of their suspect and want him to reach out to investigators.

Evanchow said when his wife went outside to clean up the mess, she stepped in a pile of it and ruined her slippers.

Police said the Evanchows can make a claim for the footwear.

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