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Millions to Win – and a Great Cause

October 31, 2019 7:00 AM | News

This is a sponsored advertorial on behalf of the HSC Millionaire Lottery.

Order your HSC Millionaire Lottery tickets and you’re in to win a $1.5 million Grand Prize, a $200,000 Early Bird, and you’re helping save lives at Manitoba’s flagship hospital

Milt Stegall - Chrissy Troy

The HSC Millionaire Lottery is well underway — and if you’re going to get your tickets, there’s no time like right now.

The Early Bird Deadline is Midnight, Thursday, November 7th. Beat the deadline and you’re in to win a $200,000 prize draw, and one of four terrific choices:

  • Turn your home into your dream home with a $200,000 Maric Homes renovation credit
  • Or choose a 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S
  • Or choose 115 days of travel – with a worldwide cruise for two, plus $20,000 cash
  • Or choose $150,000 tax-free cash, and build your own Early Bird prize with your new riches!

This year’s HSC Millionaire Lottery is the hospital’s biggest ever, with over 2,000 prizes to win — worth over $2.1 million. That includes 6 Grand Prize options, with homes to choose in Tuxedo, Sage Creek, or Charleswood, or a two-condo package in Winnipeg (Bridgwater) and the Okanagan, or a home in B.C. wine country, at Penticton’s Skaha Hills.

Or, of course, there’s the cash! Take $1.2 million and become a millionaire in an instant. There’s also the lottery’s two extra games – the Daily Cash PLUS (with $130,000 in prizes) and the 50/50 PLUS, with a jackpot that could reach $2 million.

Click or call to get your tickets – it only takes a second to change your life. And your support could change someone else’s life, too.

“Because of you, we can make a profound impact on patient care at HSC,” said Jonathon Lyon, at the lottery’s launch, at the gorgeous dream makeover home in Tuxedo, a Maric Homes renovation just steps from Assiniboine Park. “Your support changes lives.”

HSC Millionaire Lottery Home

This year’s biggest Grand Prize features a stunning makeover home in Winnipeg’s tranquil Tuxedo neighbourhood – part of a $1.53 million package that includes a car, furniture, and $50,000 cash.

When you buy your tickets, you’re helping HSC provide more life-saving technology, world-class programs, and important services to HSC. You’re also supporting innovative medical researchers as they find ways to provide tomorrow’s care today – at Manitoba’s flagship hospital.

“This community has done so much for me,” says Blue Bombers’ legend Milt Stegall, the lottery’s spokesperson. “I’ve made relationships with people who not only are my friends but I consider family – my loved ones. And I know one day these loved ones may need HSC, and that’s why I want to be so involved with this.”

“We have to support this, because we want to make sure that HSC continues providing that state-of-the-art, world-class health care.”

“A day doesn’t go by when I don’t run into someone I know, who’s either getting a diagnosis or being treated by one of the incredible medical staff members at HSC,” said Lyon. “And that’s why we do what we do. That’s why we run the lottery. So that we can support the men and women, our loved ones, and our dear friends who rely on HSC every day.”

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Tickets are available until November 22 online, by calling (204) 253-5688 or 1-855-999-5688, or in-person at HSC Foundation (700 William Ave.), HSC Thorlakson Mall (820 Sherbrook St.), London Drugs in St. Vital Centre, Red River Co-op stores, and most Shoppers Drug Mart locations.

Lottery prices are $100, two for $175, four for $300, and eight for $500. For a complete list of prizes, visit HSCMillionaire.com.