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Province to Reduce Speed at Intersection North of Oakbank

November 1, 2019 1:42 PM | News

Ron Schuler

Manitoba Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler speaks to media in Winnipeg on Thursday, July 26, 2018. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Steve Lambert)

The province is reducing the speed limit at an intersection north of Oakbank, Manitoba that has seen its share of dangerous collisions.

Provincial Road 206 and PR 213 (Garven Road) is the trouble area, where existing safety measures haven’t been enough to make an impact.

Over the summer, the province installed rumble strips on Garven Road approaching the intersection, as well as flags on the stop-ahead signs and flashing red lights on the stop signs.

“In 2019, there has been a fatal collision and two other very serious collisions causing significant injuries at the intersection of Garven Road and PR 206,” said Assistant Commissioner Jane MacLatchy, commanding officer, Manitoba RCMP.

Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler says the speed limit from north of Oakbank to 300 metres before Garven Road will be reduced to 90 km/h from 100 km/h. The limit will be further reduced to 70 km/h for 300 metres on either side of the intersection.

“As roads in the community become increasingly busy, we want to make drivers aware that they are entering an important intersection,” Schuler said. “We urge drivers to slow down and be patient to ensure the safety of everyone on the road.”

The reduction in speed is a temporary measure, which still needs to be regulated and approved. An opportunity for public input on the change will soon be available online.