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Two Charged in Separate Animal Cruelty Incidents

November 27, 2019 11:13 AM | News

Dog Leash

Winnipeg police have laid animal cruelty charges in two separate incidents where dogs were harmed.

Police say they received a report of a dog being dragged, hit and thrown to the ground on the Slaw Rebchuk Bridge on April 16.

Officers, along with the Animal Services Agency, attended the scene and found the suspect with a young female German Sheppard. The dog was turned over to the agency and the man was arrested.

Brennan Bird, 27, of Winnipeg has been charged with killing or injuring other animals and causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

On September 30, a woman turned over a young male dog to the Animal Services Agency and said she had found it as a stray in the Sage Creek area.

The American Bull Dog cross dog was found to have significant lacerations to its thigh, chest and shoulder areas, along with an “X” carved into its shoulder. An examination by a veterinarian determined the wounds appeared deliberate, and Winnipeg police were notified.

Investigators determined that the woman who turned over the dog was actually its owner.

Crystal Dawn Stadt, 30, of Hanover, Manitoba was found in the Steinbach area on October 10 and arrested.

She has been charged with abandon or neglect an animal.

Suspected animal cruelty or neglect anywhere in Manitoba should be reported to the provincial animal care line at (204) 945-8000.