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Dialysis Services Expanding at Dauphin Regional Health Centre

January 23, 2020 4:20 PM | News

Dialysis Machine

(Dialysis machine image via Shutterstock)

An evening shift is being added at Dauphin Regional Health Centre to allow for more dialysis patients to be treated.

An additional 12 spaces will be added as the result of two trained renal staff being hired.

The changes, which take effect March 1, will expand the weekly patient capacity from 24 to 36.

Approximately 14 percent of Manitobans live with kidney disease and about one-third of them may develop kidney failure in their lifetime.


“We know the number of area residents living with end-stage kidney disease is increasing,” said Penny Gilson, CEO, Prairie Mountain Health.

“We are responding to this increased demand by continuing to plan prevention initiatives, deliver co-ordinated services and allocate appropriate resources to enhance access to service within the health region.”

The expansion comes at an annual cost of approximately $300,000 by the province.