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La Poutine Week Returns to Winnipeg February 1-7

January 29, 2020 8:25 AM | News

La Roca Poutine

La Roca’s La Poutine Week entry: crispy fries layered with queso cheese sauce and beef chili, topped with panko jalapenos. (CHARCOAL COLLABORATIVE)

WINNIPEG — French fries, cheese and gravy — what more could a Canadian foodie ask for?

For La Poutine Week aficionados, it’s almost like Christmas.

From February 1-7, the best poutine Winnipeg restaurants can offer will be competing in the national event.

“If you scream poutine, people usually run towards the source of the sound,” says Na’eem Adam, La Poutine Week co-founder.

“So having a festival revolving around poutine made our work easy and fun. Then, of course, we’ve had partners and ambassadors that helped us grow the event in so many cities, making it the biggest poutine celebration in the world, nothing less!”

The annual event attracts about 350,000 patrons and includes 400 participating restaurants — with 65 of them right here in Winnipeg.

La Poutine Week will be donating one dollar of every participating poutine sold to Agape Table, an organization that aims to end hunger in Winnipeg by offering weekday breakfasts and foodbanks twice a week.

Since 2018, La Poutine Week has raised $105,000 for charities.

For a complete list of Winnipeg restaurants and their speciality poutine menu items this year, visit lapoutineweek.com/winnipeg/results.

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