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Most Manitobans Not Comfortable Attending Large Events Until 2021: Survey

May 20, 2020 8:40 AM | News


WINNIPEG — As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the daily lives of people around the globe, those living in Manitoba don’t expect things to return to normal anytime soon, especially without an available vaccine.

A new survey released by Winnipeg-based PRA Inc. shows only 34% of Manitobans currently feel comfortable with entering someone’s home to visit with a few family members or friends. By June, this number rises to 58% and increases to 77% by the end of summer.

The survey also found that younger Manitobans feel slightly more comfortable with popping in for a visit, with 47% aged 18 to 29 saying they would attend a small, private gathering. Those aged 65 and older agreed by only 27%.

Small Events - Coronavirus


When asked if attending a house party might be in their plans if gathering size limits are increased, only 15% would feel comfortable doing so. This number jumps to 59% by the end of summer.

No large gatherings until summer of 2021 and beyond

The survey also found the majority of Manitobans wouldn’t attend a large public event of 300 to 10,000 people until after spring/summer 2021. Only 17% would feel comfortable by the winter, and only 38% by the summer of 2021. By later in 2021 and beyond, that number increased to 68%.

When it came to attending a small concert (approximately 50 people), only 22% said they would currently feel comfortable. As some concerts are scheduled to restart in the fall, 43% said they would feel comfortable going at that time.

Large Events - Coronavirus


For family events, such as weddings involving 100 people, only 19% would feel comfortable attending by the end of this summer, although almost 4 in 10 (36%) might feel comfortable by the fall of 2020. Even by winter, only half (48%) would feel comfortable.

For a concert or theatre production with an audience of 300, only one in five would feel comfortable attending this fall, and only one in three by the winter. Come the spring and summer of 2021, this will increase to just over half (55%). The other half say that it would take longer for them to be comfortable or they simply do not know.

PRA conducted the survey from May 11–14, 2020 using its Manitoba Panel. In total, 1,640 Manitobans completed the survey.

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