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Winnipeg Police Seize 28 Firearms, Including 3D-Printed Parts & ‘Ghost Guns’

June 9, 2020 12:10 PM | News

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Winnipeg police have seized 28 firearms, including several “ghost guns,” from a man who allegedly used a 3D printer to manufacture multiple firearms parts.

Police were tipped off on May 14 by the Chief Firearm’s Office that a Winnipeg man had tried to purchase a prohibited comment for an AR-15 rifle from a local reseller.

A search warrant was executed on May 20 in the first 100 block of West Avenue, where officers seized 28 firearms, including 10 registered restricted handguns, one registered prohibited firearm, and 17 other various long guns.

The investigation revealed that a prohibited AR-15 rifle lower end receiver had been manufactured from a 3D printer.

A second search warrant was executed May 21 at the same location, where computers, a 3D printer, hard drivers, memory sticks, and various gun parts were seized. Police also found “cast-off” 3D printed components.

Police say a lower receiver for a Glock 19 handgun was completely 3D printed and fitted with a legitimate Glock upper receiver making it a functioning firearm.

Police also say one of the suspect’s registered handguns wasn’t located during their search and it wasn’t reported stolen, which is required by law.

Corey James Boyd, 31, has been charged with weapons trafficking, possession of a firearm knowing its possession is unauthorized and lost firearm or weapon not reported.

He remains in custody.

Police on Tuesday also announced separate arrests and charges related to the purchase and resale of firearms from a Winnipeg storage locker by two men from St. Andrews.

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