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Winnipeg Man Wins $175K on ‘The Big Spin’

June 19, 2020 10:18 AM | News

Albert Paupanakis

Albert Paupanakis (WCLC)

A Winnipeg man thought he had won $10,000 on a scratch lottery ticket, but little did he know what would be in store for him.

“I scratched it at home, and saw I had a ‘spin win,’” said Albert Paupanakis of his recent win. “I took the ticket back to another store to check it — the clerk said I’d won $10,000, but I saw that the slip also said I won a Big Spin.”

Paupanakis also won the chance to spin for another top prize of $500,000 at a Big Spin event. He ended up landing on $175,000.

“I was happy with $10,000; I couldn’t believe when I found out how much more I could win!” he added.

The winning ZING ticket was purchased at the Gladstone Co-op store while Paupanakis was travelling through Gladstone.

He plans on using his winnings to fulfill his dream of becoming a homeowner.

“I’ve never had the opportunity to buy a home,” he said. “This changes my life.”