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Winnipeg Woman Spins to Win $100,000

June 25, 2020 3:38 PM | News

Lorraine Bruyere

Lorraine Bruyere spun to win $100,000 by playing The Big Spin. (WCLC / HANDOUT)

A Winnipeg woman has spun her way to $100,000 after playing a recent lottery game.

Lorraine Bruyere picked up a ticket for The Big Spin and originally thought she had only won $10,000.

“I didn’t find out I won until I validated the ticket — my brother was with me when I checked the ticket, and I looked up and told him it said ‘Big Spin’ but I didn’t know what that meant until the retailer ran over and told me I’d won $10,000,” she laughed.

The ticket also earned her the chance to spin the big wheel for even more money.

At a Big Spin event, Bruyere spun for another $100,000 — giving her a total prize of $110,000.

“I was just kind of in shock – it didn’t hit me for a while,” she said.

She plans to use her money to pay off debt, give some to her kids and put the rest in the bank.

The winning ticket was purchased at No.1 Food Store at 548 Ellice Avenue.