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Winnipeg Airport Installs UV Light Handrail Sanitizer

August 21, 2020 12:20 PM | News

Airport Escalator Sanitizer

Winnipeg’s James Richardson International Airport has installed a handrail sanitizer on the escalator leading to the arrivals hall. (WAA / HANDOUT)

Airport Escalator Sanitizer

The LED UV-C handrail sterilizer includes four LED lights that kill up to 99.99% of bacteria on the handrail. (WAA / HANDOUT)

Winnipeg’s James Richardson International Airport is using UV light technology to keep travellers safe while passing through the terminal.

The airport installed a new LED UV-C handrail sterilizer earlier this week, which runs along the escalator railing as passengers enter the arrivals hall.

“The application of this new technology is the latest example how Winnipeg Airports Authority is incorporating innovative solutions to enhance the traveller experience,” said Barry Rempel, president and CEO of WAA.

“Every traveller, visitor or airport employee who enters the terminal can have full confidence the facility is clean and made available to them in a way which strives, always, to ensure their safety.”

The sterilizer is installed inside the escalator, which is said to destroy 99.99% of harmful bacteria. As the escalator runs, the two handrails pass by four LEDs which emit strong ultraviolet wavelengths. Built-in side reflectors help ensure every inch of the handrails is exposed to the sterilizing light.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Winnipeg’s airport has ramped up cleaning protocols to ensure passenger safety. High-priority cleaning locations are now identified by special “Enhanced Cleaning” icons, reassuring travellers the area has been disinfected.

The airport has also made face-coverings mandatory inside all public areas of the terminal.

Airport Escalator Sanitizer

Signage on the floor communicates the new escalator sanitizing technology to passengers as they arrive. (WAA / HANDOUT)