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Tim Hortons Ends ‘Double-Cupping,’ Will Opt for Recyclable Sleeve

October 21, 2020 9:02 AM | News

Tim Hortons

A pedestrian walks past a Tim Hortons coffee shop in downtown Toronto on June 29, 2016. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Eduardo Lima)

Double-cupping your Double-Double? Not so fast.

Tim Hortons is stopping the practice of double-cupping drinks that are too hot to handle.

By doing so, the coffee chain says it expects to eliminate the unnecessary use of more than 200 million cups per year.

“We understand that millions of our guests request ‘double-cupping’ at our restaurants because our coffee is always 20 minutes fresh and piping hot,” said Hope Bagozzi, chief marketing officer for Tim Hortons, in a release.

Instead, Tim Hortons will offer guests a recycle cardboard sleeve for their hot drinks.

“Most wouldn’t know the incredible benefit we can offer to Canada’s environment if they accept a hot coffee sleeve instead of a second cup.”

The move is the latest initiative by the coffee giant in operating more sustainably. Tim Hortons has made their lids and coffee cups more recyclable in recent years, and they’re also testing a new compostable coffee cup. For those customers who prefer cold beverages, a strawless option is also now available.