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Police Dismantle Interprovincial Drug Network

November 5, 2020 11:10 AM | News

Winnipeg Police Logo CrestWinnipeg police have dismantled an interprovincial organized crime drug network worth nearly $750,000.

Police began their investigation, dubbed Project Wonders, in early 2020 and enlisted the help of the Ontario Provincial Police once learning multiple kilograms of cocaine were coming from southern Ontario into Winnipeg.

Police say the drug network was using conventional package delivery services to high-level drug traffickers to pedal their product.


The investigation wrapped up on October 21, 2020 with nine search warrants being executed on five residences in Winnipeg and four residences in southern Ontario.

More than 100 police officers were involved in dismantling the group between the two provinces.

Police arrested 11 adults and laid 56 charges related to conspiracy, trafficking of a controlled substance, and proceeds of crime and firearms offences.

Approximately $300,000 in cash was seized, along with four kilograms of cocaine worth $340,000, 1/2 kilogram of fentanyl worth $60,000, 500 grams of psilocybin worth $2,000 and 10 grams of ketamine worth $1,000.

Officers also seized several weapons, ammunition, body armour and drug-related production equipment.