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Police Investigating After Two Girls Approached Walking Home from School

November 6, 2020 12:25 PM | News

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Winnipeg police are investigating two incidents this week after two 12-year-old girls were separately approached by suspicious men while walking home from school.

The first incident occurred on Tuesday at around 4 p.m. in South River Heights. Police say a girl was approached by a man who tried to engage her in a conversation while remaining in his car. The suspect then turned around and approached the girl a second time, asking her to get in. The victim was able to safely run away and get help from an adult bystander.

The vehicle is described as a newer, white model car. The suspect is described as a male, 20-30 years of age, with short, curly hair and a skinny build.


The second incident occurred on Thursday at 4 p.m. in the East Elmwood neighbourhood. Police say a 12-year-old girl was returning home from school when an unknown man in a white, four-door car approached her. He asked the girl where she lived and if she would get in the vehicle. The victim was able to get away safely.

The driver is described as a male with short brown hair between 20-30 years of age.

Winnipeg police are advising parents and caregivers to take additional precautions and attempt to have school-age children accompanied by an adult, if possible, while the investigation continues.

Anyone with information on either incident is asked to contact police at (204) 986-3296 or Crime Stoppers at (204) 786-8144.