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RCMP in Selkirk Resuscitate Man in Medical Distress

November 26, 2020 9:32 AM | News

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A Selkirk RCMP officer is being credited with saving a man’s life after he found him in medical distress last Sunday.

Police say the officer was on patrol in Selkirk when he approached a vehicle running in a parking lot on Main Street just after 1 a.m. The officer noticed a man reclined in the driver’s seat, knocked on the window, but didn’t get a response. He opened the unlocked door to discover the man was in medical distress.

The man had stopped breathing and the officer immediately began chest compressions. Once breathing again, the officer was able to get the man out of his vehicle to perform CPR. Another officer attended to assist until EMS arrived.

The man is in stable condition in hospital.

“RCMP officers are trained for all kinds of emergencies,” said Inspector John Duff, Officer in Charge of Selkirk RCMP Detachment.

“We are so glad that the officer had the skills and the awareness needed to save this man’s life. You never know what to expect when you head out on a shift, but you always have to be prepared, and this officer certainly was.”