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All COVID-19 Rebate Cheques in the Mail: MPI

January 19, 2021 10:27 AM | News

Manitoba Public Insurance


WINNIPEG — Manitoba Public Insurance says all of the COVID-19 rebate cheques are now in the mail.

The Crown corporation is returning $69 million to ratepayers as part of a second rebate blitz resulting from fewer collisions. About $3.7 million have been cashed from 50,641 cheques so far.

MPI says crashes are down about 20 percent from mid-March to the end of October compared to the previous year. The public insurer issued rebates totalling $110 million last May for similar reasons.

The average rebate is about six percent of a ratepayers’ annual basic insurance premium. For rebates less than $10, no cheque will be issued and the customer’s account will instead be credited.