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New EMS Station Planned for Gillam

March 11, 2021 7:40 AM | News

AmbulanceThe province is spending nearly $1 million on a new emergency medical services station in Gillam, Manitoba.

The 2,200-sq.-ft. station will be located at 104 Nisku Bay and include a two-bay garage for the ambulances, as well as offices, crew quarters and space for staff training.

“In an emergency, the quickest way to access high-quality, life-saving care is by calling for an ambulance. From the moment that call is answered, emergency response services are providing advice and care, while paramedics are dispatched to the caller’s location,” said Darren Baker, northern director of EMS, Shared Health.

“This new station will give staff a dedicated space for training exercises, which will further enhance the service provided to Manitobans in our northern communities.”

The design process is underway on the $994,000 EMS station with construction expected to begin in mid-June of this year by Marwest Construction Ltd. Occupancy is anticipated by the end of October 2021.