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Manitoba Unveils $5.6M Rent Bank Program

March 29, 2021 10:50 AM | News

Apartment for Rent

WINNIPEG — The Manitoba government has unveiled a $5.6 million rent bank program for those at risk of eviction.

The program will support stable housing for low-income to moderate-income families and be administered through the Manitoba Non-Profit Housing Association (MNPHA).

“The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted a need to support renters experiencing an unexpected interruption of income that threatens their tenancies,” said Families Minister Rochelle Squires.

“This Manitoba Rent Bank will address the immediate need created by the pandemic, providing housing stability and protection for families that are unable to pay shelter costs due to unforeseen circumstances.”

The rent bank will provide interest-free loans to tenants who are behind in their rent or need to move to housing that is more suitable.

The program will be delivered regionally through local rent banks by the MNPHA.

Based on the success of the two-year pilot program, the province will evaluate the effectiveness to determine its need for future support.