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Manitoba Conservation Cracking Down on Illegal Fishing, Hunting

April 10, 2021 8:15 AM | News


WINNIPEG — Manitoba conservation officials are continuing to crack down on illegal fishing and hunting activities in the province.

Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development says between March 15-31, officers laid 18 charges and issued four warnings related to fisheries offences.

The offences included two charges for unlawful possession of fish, three warnings for fishing without a licence, one charge and one warning for too many lines, and 15 charges for fishing with illegal equipment.

During the 2020-21 angling season, conservation officers laid 804 charges and issued 142 warnings related to fishing.

Officers have also conducted patrols to enforce Manitoba’s wildlife laws including the new Wildlife Amendment Act, such as patrols for illegal moose hunting in closure areas.

Right now, the province says efforts are focused to address the elevated fire risks in the southwest and eastern regions of the province. This includes enforcement of fire bans, travel restrictions and fire investigations.