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Dinosaurs Returning to Assiniboine Park Zoo

April 15, 2021 10:19 AM | Entertainment

Dinosaurs Uncovered

Dinosaurs Uncovered opens at the Assiniboine Park Zoo on May 20. (ASSINIBOINE PARK CONSERVANCY)

WINNIPEG — A larger-than-life dinosaurs exhibit is coming to the Assiniboine Park Zoo this summer.

Dinosaurs Uncovered will open May 20 and feature 17 animatronic dinosaurs along a forested trail in the northwest area of the zoo.

“For millions of years, dinosaurs roamed and ruled our planet. Their sheer size and the incredible diversity of dinosaur species is fascinating as is their story of evolution and extinction,” said Karen Lind, director of education and programs, Assiniboine Park Conservancy.

“And there is still so much more to learn! Each and every day, we are expanding our knowledge of dinosaurs and their natural history. It is a captivating and never-ending journey of discovery.”

Along with the massive creatures, zoo visitors will be able to explore a new indoor display featuring skeletons, fossils, and artifacts in a rotating exhibit gallery known as the Doug Harvey, Jan Shute and Family Centre.

The limited-time Dinosaurs Uncovered exhibit will feature dinosaurs from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods including the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex, massive Omeisaurus, and small but mighty Velociraptor, plus more recently discovered species like the feathered Dakotaraptor.

Zoo visitors are encouraged to purchase tickets online in advance. The exhibit is included with regular zoo admission.