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Manitoba Amends Compensation Act to Bolster Firefighters’ Supports

November 26, 2021 3:06 PM | News


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WINNIPEG — The Manitoba government has amended the Workers Compensation Act to include additional cancers pertaining to firefighters.

Five more cancers were added to the list Friday, joining 14 already included in the act.

“These additions to the firefighters presumptive cancer list will make Manitoba’s legislation one of the strongest in the world and our legislation will be a template for proper WCB support for firefighters around the world being diagnosed with occupational cancers they received due to the exposures they encountered while simply doing their job,” said Alex Forrest, president, Manitoba Professional Firefighters Association.

“This support for our sisters in the fire service to have equal protection as their male counterparts would not have been possible without Heather Stefanson becoming our Premier.”

Being added to the 14 types of cancer already included in the act are:

    • Primary site thyroid cancer
    • Primary site pancreatic cancer
    • Primary ovarian cancer
    • Primary site cervical cancer
    • Primary site penile cancer

The first list of presumptive cancers for firefighters was added to the act in 2002. The list was expanded in 2005, with coverage extended to part-time firefighters. The list was further expanded in 2009, and again in 2011, along with the addition of coverage for Fire Commissioner personnel.