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Manitoba Pork Brings People Together

December 1, 2021 8:00 AM | News

The following is a sponsored advertorial on behalf of Manitoba Pork.

Manitoba Pork

The month of December is packed full of holiday celebrations, family gatherings, work get-togethers, time with friends, and most importantly, the opportunity to share meals with those we love. After a challenging year and a half, Manitobans should be looking forward to safely gathering during the holidays.

Food is a unifying force that can bring people together, and food is also something that is deeply meaningful as we enter the holiday season. We all have our favourite recipes and snacks that we like to eat. Be it a delicious, glazed ham for Christmas dinner, delectable meatballs as an accompaniment to a main course, food adds to the joy and excitement of spending time together.

Manitoba Pork

Manitoba produces some of the highest quality pork in the world and is one of the most nutritious and affordable proteins you can feed your family. When it comes time to consider what to serve for special occasions, pork is perfect for delivering diverse and enticing flavour combinations – savoury, spicy, tangy, or sweet –, and offers Manitobans a tasty, natural, and versatile protein that provides excellent value for your grocery dollar. Pork is loaded with 12 essential vitamins and minerals, including important B vitamins like B6 and B12, which your body depends on daily. Manitoba’s pork producers are proud to ensure that safe, affordable, and high-quality protein gets from their farms to your grocery carts.

Manitoba Pork

While pork remains as one of the most cost-effective protein options, we know that food security is an issue that is at the top of mind for a lot of Manitobans. Recent data from Food Banks Canada notes that food bank visits across the country have increased by 20 percent in the last two years. Further data from the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity notes that 61 percent of Canadians are concerned about the rising cost of food, while 55 percent want to ensure that healthy food remains affordable.

Manitoba Pork

Manitoba hog farmers work hard to supply a healthy and affordable protein that is sustainably and humanely produced. The ever-increasing demand for wholesome, high-quality Manitoba pork has played a significant economic and social role in the province, creating jobs, building communities, and helping those who struggle with food insecurity. Because of Manitoba’s ability to produce pork on a larger scale, Manitobans have access to some of the most affordable pork in the world.

Manitoba Pork

Manitoba pork producers are committed to giving back to their communities all year round, by making a meaningful social impact through supporting sustainable food security. This is done through donations to local food banks, like Harvest Manitoba, Samaritan House in Brandon, and the Southeast Helping Hands, as well as centres like Siloam Mission and Agape Table. Those donations amount to thousands of pounds of fresh and further processed pork products that provide extra support to hungry children, struggling adults and seniors, and the working poor.

Manitoba Pork

While the pandemic has been a challenging time for us all, the holiday season brings forward much to be thankful for. Whatever your celebrations may look like this year, remember that pork is a great addition to any gathering.

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