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See You on the Ice: New ‘Ice Cycles’ Make the Most of Winter

January 8, 2022 9:00 AM | News

Ice Bike

A tandem ice bike is part of the lineup of new ice bikes being rented out by a Winnipeg company. (SPARK RENTALS / HANDOUT)

WINNIPEG — Cycling in Winnipeg is a year-round mode of transportation for many, but cycling on sheer ice just might take things to a new chilly level.

Ice Cycles (not to be confused with ‘icicles’) are ice bikes made for the frozen terrain — something that isn’t hard to come by in a city known for its frigid winters.

Local company Spark Rentals is behind the innovative approach to winter cycling and rents out the equipment to winter enthusiasts. There are three different trim levels: a single blade “classic ice bike,” a twin sled/blade “fat tire trike” and a dual wheel and blade set “tandem ice bike.”

“What I love the most about the concept of ice bikes is that it allows those that may have previously felt excluded or uninterested in winter activity, a very accessible and low skill way to enjoy the outdoors,” says co-founder Sinan Leylek.

Ice Bike

A fat tire trike model ice bike is shown. (SPARK RENTALS / HANDOUT)

“Even in Winnipeg, there are lots of people that don’t feel comfortable or particularly enjoy skating.”

Co-founder Nick Meyers adds that biking on ice isn’t only for those who don’t want to skate.

“In testing out these bikes we had people of all ages taking off their skates and skis to jump on these bikes,” he said.

Rental availability will be at a variety of locations around the city as conditions allow. To learn more, visit SparkRentals.ca.