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Bunnii at Your Door: New Delivery Service Launches in City

January 21, 2022 11:17 AM | News

Bunnii - Bernice Sharples

Bernice Sharples, vice-president of communications with Bunnii. (HANDOUT)

A Winnipeg start-up is aiming to shake up the online delivery market by offering an array of retail items and alcohol straight to your door.

Bunnii, based in the Exchange District, has recently launched and began delivery in Winnipeg this week. The service allows retailers to connect with customers who want swift delivery of their goods, including local wine, beer and other alcohol.

“Bunnii will give alcohol retailers access to the entire market of Winnipeg as an online delivery platform with no sales commission to the retailer,” says Bernice Sharples, Bunnii’s vice-president of communications.

Unlike other apps that either focus on food or beer, Bunnii provides a platform for retailers and small businesses with immediate access to make their products available online to a local customer base. For starters, the app has partnered with De Luca Fine Wines, Kenaston Wine Market, Calabria Market and PetToba, a pet store based out of Grant Park Shopping Centre.

“For retailers, Bunnii will be a revolutionary tool in connecting with their customers online and providing a superior online platform to traditional players such as Amazon and Shopify,” added Sharples. “For the customer, Bunnii will be an affordable luxury, giving the consumer on-demand delivery of their favourite retailer for service fees under $6.”

Bunnii is available on both iOS for iPhone and in the Google Play store for Android, or online.