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Deal Reached for Emerson Border Protestors to Leave: RCMP

February 15, 2022 4:04 PM | News

Emerson RCMP

An RCMP vehicle is shown stationed in Emerson, Manitoba on February 11, 2022. (RCMP HANDOUT)

Manitoba RCMP say a group of protestors halting traffic at the Emerson port of entry should be off the road by Wednesday.

Chief Superintendent Rob Hill says officers have worked peacefully to resolve the situation on Highway 75, which sprung up on February 10 in opposition to COVID-19 mandates.

Since that time, only emergency vehicles and some livestock trailers have been allowed to pass through into North Dakota and northbound into Manitoba.

RCMP estimated upwards of 75 vehicles, including semi-trailers, farm implements, and passenger vehicles, were involved in the blockade at the Canada/U.S. border at one point.

“We are now confident that a resolution has been reached and that demonstrators will soon be leaving the area and that full access to the Emerson Port of Entry will be restored,” Hill said. “The Manitoba RCMP is coordinating the departure of the remaining demonstrators and expects that this will be completed by Wednesday, February 16, 2022.”

Protestors remain at the Broadway entrance of the Manitoba legislature and on Memorial Boulevard but are also expected to thin out in the coming days.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act on Monday to bring an end to anti-government blockades he says are illegal and not about peaceful protest. Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson rejected using the federal legislation, saying it doesn’t apply to the situation on the ground in this province.

Manitoba further began loosening public health restrictions on Tuesday, including eliminating capacity limits in restaurants, licensed premises, entertainment venues, gyms, indoor and outdoor sporting events and casinos, as well as gatherings at private residences.

On March 1, the proof of vaccine card will be eliminated in the province, while the indoor mask requirement will be lifted on March 15.